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About freelance cameraman Zenocam, The Netherlands

Zeno Groenewegen has been working as a lightning cameraman and Director of Photography in The Netherlands and abroad. Many corporate video's, Tv shows and online content and musicvideo's have been shot by Zeno.

Typically, his film style is unique and recognizable. All the shots have movement, sometimes subtly, sometimes visible through the use of dolly tracks, Steadicam, Stabilizers, Easyrig and other equipment.

Camera Services

As a lightning cameraman I Director of Photography or remote shooter based in the Netherlands Zeno is available for the following productions with or without his own film equipment.

Zeno loves storytelling and a cinematic look which adds a visual value to each production. Even reality television can get a cinematic look and feel. His film equipment based on 4K RED camera makes a big difference with traditional ENG TV cameras. All camera's and brands you prefer  as well as lighning and grip equipment are available for your Tv, film or corporate video shoot in the Netherlands as well as greensceen and white backdrop studo facilities through his extensive media network.

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